Heston Blake

Pastor Heston was able to work in a 4-star restaurant in downtown Greenville during college. This gave him many opportunities to be a light in a lost world. Heston began building a strong relationship with the head chef, Rodney. Rodney knew Heston was a Christian and would ask questions about the Bible every night. After many months of witnessing and prayers, Rodney came to know the Lord. Because of this experience, Heston has decided this is what the Lord would have him to do with his life: to share His Word and reach others for Him.

Heston decided to attend Bob Jones Seminary and completed his Master’s in Counseling in 2007.  He then went on to finish his Master of Divinity degree in 2010.
Heston enjoys a variety of sports and helps coach basketball at Cannon School in Concord, NC.

  Pastor Heston’s wife Rebekah has had many opportunities to participate in church planting. Her parents began a church when she was in Junior High School, and has had many other ministry responsibilities. Rebekah previously coached Junior Varsity girls’ basketball at a local public high school as well as serving in her sending church in the nursery and Kids for Truth Ministry. She also plays a behind-the-scenes role helping Heston in many ministries that he is involved with at Palmetto. Heston and Rebekah have four children: Annie and Charlie, Natalie, and Molly.