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June 2012

Fit for Service

Fit for Service

I Timothy 4:6-10


Introduction (6a)

I. You must be properly nourished. (6b)

II. You must be properly disciplined. (7-9)

A. You must not be distracted.

B. You must exercise towards godliness.

C. You must understand the value of your exercise.

1. The Immediate Benefits.

2. The Eternal Benefits.

III. You must recognize the motivation for exercise. (10)

Departing from the Faith

Departing from the Faith

I Timothy 4:1-6



I. The Certainty of the Departure.

II. The Source of the Departure.

III. The Means of the Departure.

A. Their Description.

B. Their Teachings.

C. Their Problem.

IV. The Biblical Response to the Departing.

May 2012

Mother’s Day- II Timothy 1:1-7

A Renewed Call to Faithful Service

II Timothy 1:1-7


Introduction / Greeting- (1-2)



I. A Prayer of Thanksgiving. (3-5)

II. Sincere Faith Produces Service for God. (6)

III. God Provides Help to Those Who Serve Him. (7)

Picture Perfect Worship- I Timothy 2:8-15

Picture Perfect Worship

I Timothy 2:8-15


I. Men must fulfill God’s plan in worship. (8)

A. You must commune with God. (8a)

B. You must worship with a pure heart. (8b)

1. Purity before God

2. Purity with others

April 2012

Running the Race

Running the Race of Life

Hebrews 12:1-3


I. Prepare to run your race. (1a)

A. Others have gone before you. (1a)

B. You must lay aside what slows you down. (1a)

1. Lay aside your extra weights.

2. Lay aside your sin.


II. Patiently run your race. (1b)

A. You must run with endurance. (1b)

B. You must run YOUR race. (1b)


III. Keep your eyes on Christ. (2-3)

A. Look to Jesus as your example. (2)

1. He is the founder of your faith.

2. He is the perfecter of your faith.

3. He completed the course for the joy that was before Him.

B. Look to Jesus for encouragement. (3)

1. Consider the suffering of Christ.

2. Renew your strength in Christ.

Christ’s Resurrection Requires A Response

Resurrection Sunday- John 20:1-9

Christ’s Resurrection Requires A Response Opening- Introduction

I. Scene One – Mary Magdalene (and the others) at the tomb. (1)

II. Scene Two- Mary Magdalene with the disciples. (2)

III. Scene Three- Peter and the One Whom Jesus Loved journey to the tomb and begin to put the pieces together. (3-7)

IV. Climax- The Other Disciple believes in the resurrected Jesus Christ. (8)

V. Closing- Summary and Application (9)

March 2012

Paul: An Example of the Overflowing Grace of Christ

I Timothy 1:12-17


  1. The Grace of Christ Transforms Your Earthly Life. (12-14) 
    1. Because of Christ’s grace, you are enabled for service. (12)
    2. Because of Christ’s grace, you are free from your past. (13)
    3. Because of Christ’s grace, you have new life. (14)
  2. The Grace of Christ Provides Eternal Life. (15-16) 
    1. The presence of Christ in salvation (15)
    2. The patience of Christ in salvation (16)
  3. The Grace of Christ Requires Praise to God. (17)

The Proper Use of the Law

Proper Use of the Law

I Timothy 1:8-11

I. You must understand the usefulness of God’s law. (8)

II. You must understand the purpose of God’s law. (9-10)

III. You must understand the beauty of God’s law. (11)

False Teachers Beware: I Timothy 1:3-7

Introduction: (3a)

I. The Warning Against False Teaching (3b-4)

A. The Variations of False Teaching (3b-4a)
B. The Result of False Teaching (4b)


II. The Antidote for False Teaching (5)


III. The Path and Signs of False Teaching (6-7)

Introduction to I Timothy




  1. The Author: Paul- An Apostle




  1. The Recipient: Timothy- True child in the faith




  1. The Purpose and Structure of I Timothy

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