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November 2013

Discontent to be Discontent

Discontent to be Discontent

John 3:22-30

I. You Will Be Tempted With Discontentment. (22-26)

A. Discontentment can come from ministry.
B. Discontentment can come from jealousy.
C. Discontentment can come from those closest to you.

II. You Must Overcome Discontentment. (27-29)

A. Overcome discontentment b

October 2013

The Miracle of Rebirth

The Miracle of Rebirth

John 2:23-3:15

Introduction (2:23-3:2)
I. Rebirth: Man’s Necessity. (3)

II. Rebirth: Man’s Impossibility. (4-8)

A. The Human Impossibility.
B. The Spiritual Reality.

-Ezekiel 36:25-27

Application– the work of the Spirit produces change.

III. Rebirth: Man’s Access to Eternity. (9-15)


A Clean House

A Clean House

John 2:12-25


I. Jesus Christ Demands Pure Worship. (14-17)

A. Historically (v. 14-17)
B. Corporately (Eph. 2:21)
C. Individually (I Cor. 3:16; I Cor. 6:19)

II. Jesus Christ Deserves Pure Worship. (18-22)

III. Jesus Christ Discerns Your Heart. (23-25)

A Display of Glory

A Display of Glory

John 2:1-11

Introduction (1-3)

  1. A Mother’s Submission. (4-5)
  2. The Servants’ Obedience. (6-8)
  3. The World’s Amazement. (9-10)
  4. The Savior’s Glorification. (11a)
  5. The Disciples’ Belief. (11b)







September 2013

What Are You Seeking?

What Are You Seeking?

John 1:35-51

Because Jesus Has Changed Our Lives, We Must Make Followers of Him.

Introduction (35-37)-

I. What Are You Seeking? (38)


II. Jesus Desires to Fill Your Void. (39)


III. You Must Share Jesus with Others. (40-51)

I’m Just a Voice

I’m Just a Voice.

John 1:19-34

Amazed by Grace

Amazed by Grace

John 1:14-18

Inside the Text

I. The Importance of Christ’s Incarnation [taking on human flesh]. (14)

II. The Witness to Christ’s Incarnation. (15)

III. The Benefits of Christ’s Incarnation. (16-18)

What to do with God’s Grace?

Receive the True Light

Receive the True Light

John 1:6-13

I. The Importance of John’s Ministry. (6-8)

A. John Recognized His Master. (6)

B. John Recognized His Mission. (7)

C. John Recognized His Role. (8)

II. The Importance of John’s Message. (9-13)

A. The Rejection of the Light. (9-11)

1. By the world.
2. By his own people.

B. The Reception of the Light. (12-13)
1. How to receive the Light.
2. The benefits of receiving the Light.

August 2013

That You May Have Life

That You May Have Life

An Introduction to the Gospel of John

John 20:30-31; John 1:1-5

I. Background to the Book.

     A. The Author.
1. External Evidence:

2. Internal Evidence:

B. The Date of Writing.

II. The Purpose for the Book. (John 20:30-31)

A.That You Ma

Finding Strength in Jesus Christ

Finding Strength in Jesus Christ

2 Timothy 4:9-22


I. You Have a Need for Strength.

A. You Need Strength in Times of Loneliness.

B. You Need Strength in Times of Need.

C. You Need Strength in Times of Persecution.

II. You Have a Source of Strength.

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