December 2012

The Message Behind the Manger

The Message Behind the Manger Luke 2:1-20 Introduction I. The Savior is Born. (1-7) A. The Timely Census (1-2) B. The Obedient Journey (3-5) C. The Unlikely Entrance (6-7) II. The Gospel Turns Great Fear into Great Joy. A. The Gospel Comes to the Humble. (8) B. The Gospel is from the Lord. (9a, 15) […]

A Vignette of Virtue

A Vignette of Virtue Luke 2:36-38 Introduction- I. A Difficult Background. (36-37a) II. A Dedicated Service. (37b) III. A Devoted Witness. (38)

Insignificant People, Amazing God

Insignificant People, Amazing God Luke 1:26-38 God Uses Obscure People !om Obscure Places to Accomplish H is Amazing Plan. Introduction (26-27) I. The Announcement (28-33)- God Is At Work to Accomplish H is Plan. II. The Question (34)- “H ow wi” this be?” III.TheAnswer (35)-“The H oly Spirit wi” come upon you…” IV. The Sign […]

How to Overcome Holiday Stress

How to Overcome Holiday Stress Luke 10:38-42 Introduction: (38) I. The Comparison: (39-40a) A. Mary- seated at the feet of Jesus B. Martha- distracted with much serving II. The Confrontation: (40b) III. The Correction: (41-42) ______________________________________________________ Application: Practical Steps to Choosing the Good Portion 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.