April 2018

That in Everything God May Be Glorified

February 2018

5 Must Haves

5 Must Haves I Peter 3:8   I. Unity of Mind II. Sympathy III. Brotherly Love IV. A Tender Heart V. A Humble Mind   Conclusion: 

January 2018

The Recipe for a Godly Home

The Recipe for a Godly Home I Peter 3:1-7   Introduction I. Instructions For a Godly Wife A. The Wife’s Command B. The Wife’s Opportunity  C. The Wife’s Beauty D. The Wife’s Example II. Instructions for a Godly Husband A. Husbands Live with Understanding B. Husbands Show Your Wife Honor C. Husbands Remember Your Wife’s […]

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life I Peter 2:24-25   I. Christ’s Death Provides Our Substitution  II. Christ’s Death Provides Our Regeneration  III. Christ’s Death Provides Our Reconciliation   Conclusion: 

Follow in His Steps

Follow in His Steps I Peter 2:18-23   Introduction: I. You Have Been Commanded: Subject Yourself to your Masters.  II. You Have Been Called: Follow in Christ’s Steps.    Conclusion: 

August 2017

Reborn to Love: I Peter 1:22-23

Introduction:  I. You Must Love Because You Have Been Purified. II. Pause: How Should We Love? III. You Must Love Because You Have Been Born Again. 

The Foreknown Lamb

Introduction I. Christ was Foreknown. II. Christ was Revealed.  The Timing of His Revealing: The Last Times The Recipients of His Revealing: Us The Outcome of His Revealing: Belief in God III. The Purpose of His Plan: Your Faith and Hope are in God Conclusion: 

A Paternally Focused Pilrimage

Introduction I. God is Your Father and Judge II. God is Your Redeemer What you are redeemed from What you are redeemed with

July 2017

Tie Up Your Robe – I Peter 1:13-16

Introduction I. Set Your Hope The preparation for Our Hope The Object of Our Hope II. Be Holy Don’t be conformed to your formal ignorance Be conformed to your father   Conclusion

The Promise of Grace Fulfilled- I Peter 1:9-12

Introduction I. The Prophets Longed for It. It was a prophecy of grace They searched and made inquiry It was given through the Holy Spirit It was a prophecy of Suffering and glory II. We Have the Privilege to Live It. The prophecy is for us. The fulfillment comes through the gospel The Holy Spirit […]