September 2012

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches I Timothy 6:17-21 I. Instructions for the wealthy. (17-19) A. You must have the right mindset. (17) Do not be proud. Do not have your hope in wealth- it is uncertain. Have your hope in God. a) Everything comes from God. b) God provides everything for your enjoyment. B. You must use your […]

August 2012

A Final Charge

A Final Charge I Timothy 6:13-16   Introduction I. You must be faithful to God’s commands. (13-14) A. Be encouraged by your Observers. (13) B. Be faithful in every aspect. (14a) C. Be steadfast until the end. (14b)   II. The Motivation for Faithfulness. (15-16) A. You serve an amazing God. (15-16a) B. Your amazing […]

July 2012

Pleasing God in the Workplace

Pleasing God in the Workplace I Timothy 6:1-2 Introduction I. Honoring your unbelieving employers pleases God. (1) A. God’s name will not be blasphemed. B. God’s Word will not be blasphemed. Practical guidelines for dealing with an unbelieving boss. II. Respecting your believing employers pleases God. (2) A. Do not disrespect them. B. Be motivated […]

Instructions Concerning Pastors

Instructions Concerning Pastors I Timothy 5:17-25   I. Treat Pastors Honorably. (17-18) A. All Pastors deserve honor. B. Some Pastors deserve special honor. 1. Those who rule (lead, provide oversight) well. 2. Those who labor in the Word. C. Scriptural principles for compensating a pastor.   II. Discipline Pastors Appropriately. (19-21) A. Protect your pastor from […]

Focusing on Others

Focusing on Others I Timothy 5:1-16 Introduction I. You must show proper respect to others. (1-2) A. Older Men B. Younger Men C. Older Women D. Younger Women. II. You must meet the needs of widows (the destitute). (3-8) A. You must meet the needs of widows in your family. (3-4) B. You must meet […]

Preaching and Practice

Preaching and Practice I Timothy 4:13-16 Introduction: I. You Need Preaching. (13-14) A. Preaching focuses on the Word. (13) 1. Read the Word 2. Apply the Word 3. Explain the Word B. Preaching is a gift. (14) 1. The gift must be used. 2. The gift is given by God. 3. The gift is recognized […]

June 2012

Practice What You Preach

I Timothy 4:11-12 Practice What You Preach   Introduction (11) Command and Teach These Things… I. You must not be discouraged in your faithfulness. (12a) II. You must set the example for others. (12b) A. In Speech -Ephesians 4:25, 29 B. In Conduct -I Corinthians 10:31 C. In Love -I Corinthians 13 D. In Faith […]

Fit for Service

Fit for Service I Timothy 4:6-10   Introduction (6a) I. You must be properly nourished. (6b) II. You must be properly disciplined. (7-9) A. You must not be distracted. B. You must exercise towards godliness. C. You must understand the value of your exercise. 1. The Immediate Benefits. 2. The Eternal Benefits. III. You must […]

May 2012

Picture Perfect Worship- I Timothy 2:8-15

Picture Perfect Worship I Timothy 2:8-15 Introduction/Review I. Men must fulfill God’s plan in worship. (8) A. You must commune with God. (8a) B. You must worship with a pure heart. (8b) 1. Purity before God 2. Purity with others II. Women must fulfill God’s plan in worship. (9-15) A. Women must portray godliness. (9-10) […]

March 2012

Paul: An Example of the Overflowing Grace of Christ

I Timothy 1:12-17 Introduction The Grace of Christ Transforms Your Earthly Life. (12-14)  Because of Christ’s grace, you are enabled for service. (12) Because of Christ’s grace, you are free from your past. (13) Because of Christ’s grace, you have new life. (14) The Grace of Christ Provides Eternal Life. (15-16)  The presence of Christ […]