August 2015

A Rooster Crowed

The Rooster Crowed. John 18:12-27 The Record of Failure The Reasons for Failure The Recovery from Failure

I Have Lost Not One

I Have Lost Not One John 18:1-14 The Setting The Soldiers The Seeking The Saving The Sword The Swapping

June 2015

Don’t Be Surprised

Introduction: You Must Know Who is in Charge.  You Must Know the Source of Truth. John 14:6 John 17:17 You Must Know What is to Come.  Romans 1:16-32 2 Timothy 3:1-9   You Must Know How to Respond. (Acts 4:13-31) Obedience to God Rather Than Man. Humbly Pray Conclusion:

March 2015

Life with the Spirit

Encouragement from the Encourager

Do You Know Jesus?

Do You Know Jesus? John 14:8-14 Introduction I. Do You Know Jesus Yet? II. Jesus Reveals the Father. III. We Have the Opportunity to Join Him. Conclusion

January 2015

Overestimating Your Own Strength

Overestimating Your Own Strength  John 13:36-38 Introduction:  The Departure.  The Devotion.  The Denial.  Conclusion: 

The World’s Greatest Tragedy

The World’s Greatest Tragedy  John 13:17-30 Introduction:  Tragedy: Allowing Money, _______, and Prestige to Rule Your Life. Tragedy: Be a Spiritual ___________. Tragedy: Reject Christ’s Offer of ____________ and Salvation. Conclusion:

September 2014


Hosanna!  John 12:12-26   Introduction: Great Expectations. (12-16) A Political Savior. A Humble Savior. An Unconquerable Savior. It’s Greek to Me. (20-26)  Understanding Jesus’ Message. Jesus will be glorified in death. Death brings life. Applying Jesus’ Message. If you love this life, you will lose it. If you hate this life, you will keep it. […]

Understanding the Why’s of Life- Responding to Christ’s Workings

Understanding the Why’s of Life- Responding to Christ’s Workings John 11:45-12:11 Introduction: I. A Heart of Belief. (45) II. A Heart of Hatred. (46-57) III. A Heart of Worship. (12:1-11) Conclusion