March 2013

The Lasting Supper

The Lasting Supper Matthew 26:17-29; I Corinthians 11:23-26 Matthew 26 Introduction-  The Last Supper: God’s Power in  Man’s Plans.  (17-25)  Preparations for the Passover. (17-19)   Preparations for the Betrayal. (20-25)   The Last Supper: God’s Plan for Man’s Need. (26-29) A Past Memory. (26a) A Present Reality. (26B-28) A Future Hope. (29)   Application […]

Music: “The American Idol”

Music: “The American Idol” Colossians 3:16-17 Introduction- The Power of Music:  Exodus 32:17-18 I Corinthians 14:7-8 2 Chronicles 5:12-14  I. Where must I begin when I make musical choices? (16:a) II. What is the purpose for music? (16b) III. What is the final objective in making musical / any decisions? (17)

February 2013

Gaining the Right Perspective

Gaining The Right Perspective Matthew 16:13-20 Introduction Because Jesus is the Messiah, You Must Submit to Him. (13-17) You must not confuse Christ with others. (13-14) You must personally confess Christ. (15-17) Application: When You Submit to Christ, You Must Submit to His Work. (18-20) You can share in building Christ’s church. (18) Christ uses […]

Baptism: The First Step of Obedience to Christ

Baptism: The First Step of Obedience to Christ Introduction: I. The Command for Baptism A. The Great Commission – Matthew 28:16-20 B. Peter at Pentecost – Acts 2:37-41 II. The Method of Baptism A. By Definition – B. By Example – Acts 8:26-39 III. The Meaning of Baptism A. Different than John’s Baptism – Acts […]

January 2013

Prayer: For Worship, For Life

Prayer: For Worship, For Life I Timothy 2:1-4 / Matthew 6:5-15 Introduction: I. How to Pray in Worship (I Timothy 2:1a) A. Supplications C. Intercessions B. Prayers D. Thanksgivings II. Who to Pray for in Worship (1b-2a) A. All People B. Those in Authority III. The Purpose for Prayer in Worship (2b-4) A. To Have […]

Approaching God in Worship

Approaching God in Worship Various Scripture Passages Introduction! I. Does God Care How We Approach Him in Worship? A. Romans 15:4 B. Exodus 28:1-4 C. Psalm 96:1-10 D. I Chronicles 16:29 E. II Chronicles 20:21 ANSWER: _______________ APPLICATION-How to Biblically Approach Worship. I Timothy 2:8-10 II. Men Must Be Prepared for Worship. (8) A. You […]

The Word: For Worship, For Life

Why Do We Do What We Do At Church? Worship and its elements at Centerpointe Baptist Church The Word: For Worship, For Life 2 Timothy 3:16-4:4 Introduction- Q1. _________ Q2. _________ Q3. _________ Q4. _________ Q5. _________   I. The Authority of the Word of God. (3:16-17) A. The Source of Scripture B. The Usefulness […]

Giving in Worship

Worshipful Giving II Corinthians 9:6-15 I. The Principles of Giving. (6-7) A. You reap what you sow. (6) B. You must decide from your heart what to give. (7)   II. The Blessings from Giving. (8-11) A. You will have God’s overflowing grace. (8a) B. You will be equipped for every good work. (8b)   […]

December 2012

Why Do We Do What We Do At Church- An Introduction to Worship

Why Do We Do What We Do At Church? Worship and its Elements at Centerpointe Baptist Church Introduction I. A True Worshipper Ascribes Glory to the Right Person. (Psalm 96:7-8) A. The Lord desires your worship. B. The Lord deserves your worship. 1. For His Glory. 2. For His Strength. 3. For His Name’s sake. […]

February 2012

Proclaim the Lord’s Death Until He Comes

I Corinthians 11   You must understand the importance of the Lord’s Supper. (23-26) Understand the importance of the instructor. (23a) Understand the importance of the elements. (23b-25) The bread in remembrance (23b-24) The cup in remembrance (25) ~New Covenant Understand the importance of the message. (26)   You must apply the message of the […]