A Successful Argument

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A Successful Argument

2 Timothy 2:23-26

I. Introduction
II. How the Lord’s Servant Must Act. (23-25a)

A. Do not get involved in stupid, uneducated controversies. (23)

B. Get involved in others’ lives. (24-25a)

1. Do not be quarrelsome.
2. Be kind to everyone.
3. Be able to teach.
4. Patiently endure harsh treatment.

5. Correct opponents properly.


III.The Motivation for Proper Actions. (25b-26)

A. That God might grant your opponents repentance. (25b)
B. Your opponents might be led to a knowledge of the truth. (25c)

C. Your opponents might sober up. (26a)
D. Your opponents might no longer serve the devil but God. (26b)