Approaching God in Worship

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Approaching God in Worship

Various Scripture Passages


I. Does God Care How We Approach Him in Worship?

A. Romans 15:4
B. Exodus 28:1-4
C. Psalm 96:1-10
D. I Chronicles 16:29 E. II Chronicles 20:21

ANSWER: _______________


APPLICATION-How to Biblically Approach Worship.

I Timothy 2:8-10

II. Men Must Be Prepared for Worship. (8)

A. You Must Commune with God. (8a)
B. You Must Worship with a Pure Heart. (8b)

1. You must be pure before God.

2. You must be right with others.

III. Women Must Be Prepared for Worship. (9-10)

A. You Must Be Dressed Appropriately. (9) 1. You must be modest.
2. You must have self-control.

B. You Must Be Dressed for Godliness. (10) ! -Clothed with good works