But As For You, Continue

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But As For You, Continue

2 Timothy 3:10-15

I. A Godly Leader Demonstrates Godly Living. (10-11)  (According to Paul’s Example)

A. In What You Say (Teachings).

B. In What You Do (Actions).

C. In What Motivates You.

D. In Your Faithfulness

E. In Your Steadfastness.

F. In Your Love.

G. In Your Endurance.

H. In Persecutions.

I. In Sufferings.


II. Godly Living Leads to Persecution. (12-13)

A. Don’t Be Surprised at Persecution.

B. Evil People Will Continue to Be Evil.


III. You Must Decide to Continue to Live a Godly Life. (14-15)

A. Continue in What You Have Learned.
B. Continue in What You Have Believed.
C. Find Encouragement in Your Teachers.

D. Understand the Power of the Curriculum.