Christ: The Dividing Line

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Christ: The Dividing Line

John 7:40-52


I. The Divided People. (40-43)

    1. The Faithful Few.

      1. Jesus is the promised Prophet. (See Deuteronomy 18:15ff)

      2. Jesus is the promised Messiah.

    2. The Confused Crowd.

      1. Jesus is from Galilee.

      2. The Messiah is supposed to be from David.

      3. The Messiah is supposed to be from Bethlehem.


NOTE: You cannot thwart God’s Plan. (44)


   II. The Divided Politicians. (45-52)

     A. The Captivated Captors.

–         “No one ever spoke like this man!”

     B. The Fake Pharisees.

         1. Self-deceived in their own position.

         2. Self-deceived in their own religion.

    C. The Seeking Soul.

         1. He quietly defends Christ.

         2. He will face accusations from others.