Final Instructions: Preach the Word (Part 1)

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 Final Instructions: Preach the Word

(Part 1)

II Timothy 4:1-4


I. The Seriousness of the Command. (1)


  1. A. Before God.
  1. B. Before Christ Jesus
    1. 1. His judgement.
    1. 2. His appearing.
    1. 3. His kingdom.

II. The Specifics of the Command. (2)

A. Preach the Word

B. Continue In Season and Out of Season

C. Reprove

D. Rebuke

E. Exhort/Encourage

III. The Necessity for the Command. (3-4)

      A. People will not always want to listen.

B. People will seek to have their lifestyles excused.

C. People will leave the truth for myths.