Finishing Touches

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Finishing Touches

I Timothy 6:17-21

I. Instructions for the wealthy. (17-19)
A. You must have the right mindset. (17)

  1. Do not be proud.
  2. Do not have your hope in wealth- it is uncertain.
  3. Have your hope in God.

    a) Everything comes from God.

    b) God provides everything for your enjoyment.

B. You must use your wealth wisely. (18-19)

  1. Use your wealth for good works. a) Do good.
    b) Be rich in good works.
    c) Be generous and ready to share.
  2. Use your (present age) wealth to store up for the future. a) Matthew 6:19-20
    b) Luke 16:13
  3. Use your wealth to enjoy what is truly life.

II. Instructions for all believers. (20-21)
A. You must guard the truth. (20a)
B. You must avoid false teaching. (20b-21a)

1. Irreverent babble

2. Contradictions of what is falsely called “knowledge”

C. You must recognize the need for God’s grace. (21b)