Glorifying God Through My Interaction With Others


Glorifying God Through 

My Interaction With Others



  1. Because of God’s glory, you have an obligation. (1-2) 
    1. You must carry the burden of your weaker brother.
    2. You must stop pleasing yourself.
    3. You must please your neighbor for his good and edification.


  1. Because of God’s glory, you have an example. (3-4)
    1. Christ did not please himself.
    2. Christ sought God’s glory.
    3. You have many Scriptural examples.
      1. God gives endurance through Scripture.
      2. God gives encouragement through Scripture. 
      3. God gives hope through Scripture. 


  1. Because of God’s glory, you must live in harmony with others. (5-6)
    1. One mind leads to one voice in worship.
    2. Your focus must be God’s glory.


Conclusion (7)