Instructions Concerning Pastors

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Instructions Concerning Pastors

I Timothy 5:17-25


I. Treat Pastors Honorably. (17-18)

A. All Pastors deserve honor.

B. Some Pastors deserve special honor.

1. Those who rule (lead, provide oversight) well.

2. Those who labor in the Word.

C. Scriptural principles for compensating a pastor.


II. Discipline Pastors Appropriately. (19-21)

A. Protect your pastor from false accusations.

B. Do not cover the pastor’s sin.

1. Rebuke the pastor publicly.

2. Teach from example publicly- Others may stand in fear.

C. The importance of handling each situation fairly.


III. Choose Pastors Carefully. (22-25)

A. Do not make a hasty judgment- Take part in the sins of others. 

B. Keep yourself pure.

C. Choosing the right leaders takes time.