Lift Up Your Eyes

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Lift Up Your Eyes

John 4:27-42


I. Believing in Jesus Produces a Changed Life. (27-30)

     A. The Disciples Wondered.

     B. The Woman Witnessed.

          1. She left what she was doing.

          2. She began to point others to Christ.

II. Obeying Jesus Produces a Satisfied Life. (31-38)

     A. Obedience to God’s Will Provides Lasting Nourishment.

     B. Part of God’s Will is Evangelizing the Lost.

          1. You must recognize the need.

          2. You must respond to the need.

          3. You must leave the results to God.


III. What God Can Do With One Changed, Obedient Life. (39-42)

     A. You don’t know what God can do with you.

     B. You don’t have to know all the answers.

     C. Your testimony can lead others to hear the Word of God.

     D. You can lead others to see Jesus as their Savior.