Marriage: Reverence for Christ

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  1. What is the wife called to do? Submit to her husband (22-24) 
    1. The importance of your calling (22)
    2. The reason for your calling (23)
    3. The example of your calling (24)


  1. What is the husband called to do? Love his wife (25-32)
    1. You are to love your wife as Christ loves the church (His body). (25-27)
      1. Sacrificial love (25b)
      2. Purifying love (26-27)


    1. You are to love your wife as you love yourself (your body). (28-32)
      1. Logical Reasoning (28-29a)
      2. Moral Reasoning (29b-32)


Summary: Husbands are to love, wives are to submit (33)