November 2012

Anniversary Sunday

Where Do We Go From Here?  Ephesians 4:1-16 Introduction- Centerpointe Baptist Church Needs Unity.  Unity Begins With You In Your Walk. In humility In gentleness With patience Bear with one another in love Eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace You have examples of unity in diversity. The Church […]

October 2012

Where’s God?

After a very trying week for my extended family, I was burdened to share my heart through this message. Perhaps some of you are reading this or listening to the sermon because you have lost hope. It is my aim to share the love of Christ and the hope he can provide through himself. Although […]

Lessons from the Small and Great

Lessons From The Small and Great II Kings 5:1-27 In a lesson like this it is easy to get distracted with details and enjoy the characters and plot, but do not miss the fact that it is God working through these individuals to bring H imself glory. I. The Little Israelite Girl – Pointed others […]

September 2012

Glorifying God Through My Interaction With Others

  Glorifying God Through  My Interaction With Others Introduction:   Because of God’s glory, you have an obligation. (1-2)  You must carry the burden of your weaker brother. You must stop pleasing yourself. You must please your neighbor for his good and edification.   Because of God’s glory, you have an example. (3-4) Christ did […]

Trusting God in Moments of Crisis

Trusting God in Moments of Crisis Exodus 14   Introduction I. Recognize God is working for His own glory A. God’s plans do not always make sense to us. B. God’s plans require faith! II. The right response to God’s work in your life. A. Do not fear B. Remain steadfast C. Watch the LORD work D. […]

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches I Timothy 6:17-21 I. Instructions for the wealthy. (17-19) A. You must have the right mindset. (17) Do not be proud. Do not have your hope in wealth- it is uncertain. Have your hope in God. a) Everything comes from God. b) God provides everything for your enjoyment. B. You must use your […]

August 2012

A Final Charge

A Final Charge I Timothy 6:13-16   Introduction I. You must be faithful to God’s commands. (13-14) A. Be encouraged by your Observers. (13) B. Be faithful in every aspect. (14a) C. Be steadfast until the end. (14b)   II. The Motivation for Faithfulness. (15-16) A. You serve an amazing God. (15-16a) B. Your amazing […]

Instructions for the Man of God

Introduction: Instructions for the Man of God I Timothy 6:11-12 Introduction I. The Man of God Has the Right Values. (11) A. The Man of God Continually Flees Certain Things. (11a)     B. The Man of God Continually Pursues Holiness. (11b) He Pursues Righteousness. He Pursues Godliness. He Pursues Faith. He Pursues Love. He […]

July 2012

Pleasing God in the Workplace

Pleasing God in the Workplace I Timothy 6:1-2 Introduction I. Honoring your unbelieving employers pleases God. (1) A. God’s name will not be blasphemed. B. God’s Word will not be blasphemed. Practical guidelines for dealing with an unbelieving boss. II. Respecting your believing employers pleases God. (2) A. Do not disrespect them. B. Be motivated […]

Instructions Concerning Pastors

Instructions Concerning Pastors I Timothy 5:17-25   I. Treat Pastors Honorably. (17-18) A. All Pastors deserve honor. B. Some Pastors deserve special honor. 1. Those who rule (lead, provide oversight) well. 2. Those who labor in the Word. C. Scriptural principles for compensating a pastor.   II. Discipline Pastors Appropriately. (19-21) A. Protect your pastor from […]