March 2012

The Proper Use of the Law

Proper Use of the Law I Timothy 1:8-11 I. You must understand the usefulness of God’s law. (8) II. You must understand the purpose of God’s law. (9-10) III. You must understand the beauty of God’s law. (11)

False Teachers Beware: I Timothy 1:3-7

Introduction: (3a) I. The Warning Against False Teaching (3b-4) A. The Variations of False Teaching (3b-4a) B. The Result of False Teaching (4b)   II. The Antidote for False Teaching (5)   III. The Path and Signs of False Teaching (6-7)

Introduction to I Timothy

Introduction:      The Author: Paul- An Apostle       The Recipient: Timothy- True child in the faith       The Purpose and Structure of I Timothy

February 2012

Proclaim the Lord’s Death Until He Comes

I Corinthians 11   You must understand the importance of the Lord’s Supper. (23-26) Understand the importance of the instructor. (23a) Understand the importance of the elements. (23b-25) The bread in remembrance (23b-24) The cup in remembrance (25) ~New Covenant Understand the importance of the message. (26)   You must apply the message of the […]

Baptism: First Step of Obedience to Christ

  Introduction: The Command for Baptism The Great Commission – Matthew 28:19-20 Peter at Pentecost – Acts 2:38-41   The Method of Baptism By Definition – By Example – Acts 8:26-39   The Meaning of Baptism Different than John’s Baptism – Acts 19:1-5 The Start of a New Life – Romans 6:1-4

Marriage: Reverence for Christ

Introduction: What is the wife called to do? Submit to her husband (22-24)  The importance of your calling (22) The reason for your calling (23) The example of your calling (24)   What is the husband called to do? Love his wife (25-32) You are to love your wife as Christ loves the church (His […]

Sacrificial Living

  Why Do We Do What We Do At Church? Worship and its elements at Centerpointe Baptist Church     Introduction   Because of God’s mercy, you must be a living sacrifice. (1) The motivation for sacrificial living (12:1a-b) The description of sacrificial living (12:1c) The result of sacrificial living (12:1d) 2. Because of God’s mercy, […]

January 2012

Worshipful Giving

Worshipful Giving Introduction I. The Principles of Giving. (6-7) A. You reap what you sow. (6) B.You must decide from your heart what to give. (7) II.The Blessings from Giving. (8-11) A. You will have God’s overflowing grace. (8a) B.You will be equipped for every good work. (8b) C.You will have a harvest of righteousness. […]

Dress in Worship

Music for Worship and Life

Why Do We Do What We Do At Church? Worship and its elements at Centerpointe Baptist Church   Introduction: I. Your music in worship is for God. (Colossians 3:16)  You have directions for music in worship. (16a-c) Your music decisions in worship must be based on Scripture. (16a) Your music in worship is for edification. […]