February 2018

5 Must Haves

5 Must Haves I Peter 3:8   I. Unity of Mind II. Sympathy III. Brotherly Love IV. A Tender Heart V. A Humble Mind   Conclusion: 

January 2018

The Recipe for a Godly Home

The Recipe for a Godly Home I Peter 3:1-7   Introduction I. Instructions For a Godly Wife A. The Wife’s Command B. The Wife’s Opportunity  C. The Wife’s Beauty D. The Wife’s Example II. Instructions for a Godly Husband A. Husbands Live with Understanding B. Husbands Show Your Wife Honor C. Husbands Remember Your Wife’s […]

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life I Peter 2:24-25   I. Christ’s Death Provides Our Substitution  II. Christ’s Death Provides Our Regeneration  III. Christ’s Death Provides Our Reconciliation   Conclusion: 

Follow in His Steps

Follow in His Steps I Peter 2:18-23   Introduction: I. You Have Been Commanded: Subject Yourself to your Masters.  II. You Have Been Called: Follow in Christ’s Steps.    Conclusion: 

August 2017

Reborn to Love: I Peter 1:22-23

Introduction:  I. You Must Love Because You Have Been Purified. II. Pause: How Should We Love? III. You Must Love Because You Have Been Born Again. 

Tom Allen- Week 3

Marriage and Family- Tom Allen Week 2

The Foreknown Lamb

Introduction I. Christ was Foreknown. II. Christ was Revealed.  The Timing of His Revealing: The Last Times The Recipients of His Revealing: Us The Outcome of His Revealing: Belief in God III. The Purpose of His Plan: Your Faith and Hope are in God Conclusion: 

A Paternally Focused Pilrimage

Introduction I. God is Your Father and Judge II. God is Your Redeemer What you are redeemed from What you are redeemed with

Marriage and Family- Tom Allen Week 1