May 2016

God’s Grace to Unworthy Men- The Book of Jonah

God’s Grace to Unworthy Men The Book of Jonah Introduction:        God’s Grace to Unworthy Men. (1-3)  God’s Declaration of Grace. God’s Display of Grace. Pagan Sailors Jonah God’s Dedication to Grace. Hinderances to Declaring God’s Grace. (4) Selfishness. An Ungodly Perspective. Forgetting God’s Grace. Conclusion:  Call out for God’s Grace. Remember Your […]

Such a Great Salvation

Such a Great Salvation Tom Allen

Turning from Grumbling to Grace

Turning from Grumbling to Grace Exodus 16 Introduction:  Getting a Grip On Our Grumbling.  Needing to Graze on Grace.  Preserving Generational Gratitude.  Conclusion: 

January 2016

If God Is For Us

If God Is For Us Romans 8:31-39 Introduction: Inside the Text: I. These Are A Few of My Favorite Things. What Then Shall We Say? What Are These Things? Apply the Text: II. If God Is For Us. No One Stands a Chance. The Death of God’s Son Proves His Love. He will graciously give […]

June 2015

To Dads of the 21st Century

January 2015

Look to the Hills

A New Commandment

A New Commandment John 13:31-35 Introduction: The Glorification of Christ.    The Commandment from Christ.  Conclusion: 

August 2014

His Robes for Mine

July 2014

Open My Eyes, Lord

Open My Eyes, Lord John 9:1-41 Introduction:  I. The Need for Sight. (1-5) A. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? B. That the Works of God Might Be Displayed. II. The Test of Faith. (6-7) III. The Examination of Healing. (8-34) A. The Neighbors. B. The Pharisees. C. The Parents IV. The Salvation […]

June 2014

God’s Calling for Fathers

God’s Calling for Fathers Ephesians 6:4 Introduction: I. Do Not: Provoke to Anger. II. Do: Bring Them Up in the Lord. Discipline Instruction Conclusion: