July 2017

Refined Through Trials

Introduction: I. Glancing At Our Trials. A. The Description of our Trials B. The Purpose for our Trials II. Gazing At Our Savior. A. Responding to Our Savior B.The Outcome of Our Trials and Our Savior.     Conclusion: 

Blessed Be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ- I Peter 1:3-5

Introduction I. Blessings to God II. Bless God for His Great Mercy III. Bless God for His New Birth for Us IV. Bless God for our Living Hope V. Bless God for Our Inheritance VI. Bless God for His Protection Conclusion

June 2017

I Peter Introduction

Introduction: I. Themes II. Names for Christ III. Purpose IV. The Text V. The Doctrine A. Election B. Trinity VI. The Peace it Provides