June 2014

Finally Free

Finally Free John 8:31-36 Introduction: I. The Route to Redemption. (31-32) II. The Sorrow of Slavery. (33-34) A. The Denial of Bondage. B. The Truth of Bondage. III. The Salvation from the Son. (35-36) A. The Son Must Set You Free. B. You Will Be Free Indeed. Conclusion:  

April 2014

Christ: The Dividing Line

Christ: The Dividing Line John 7:40-52 Introduction: I. The Divided People. (40-43) The Faithful Few. Jesus is the promised Prophet. (See Deuteronomy 18:15ff) Jesus is the promised Messiah. The Confused Crowd. Jesus is from Galilee. The Messiah is supposed to be from David. The Messiah is supposed to be from Bethlehem.   NOTE: You cannot […]

But Believe

But Believe John 20:24-29 Introduction: (19-23) I. A Hurting Heart. (24-25) A. From Disappointment B. From Disbelief II. A Healing Savior. (26-27) III. A Committed Faith. (28) A. My Lord B. My God IV. A Future Blessing. (29) Conclusion: 


Thirsty? John 7:37-39 Introduction: (37a) I. The Call From Christ. (37b) A. Recognize Your Need. B. Recognize Your Solution.   II. How to Answer Christ’s Call. (38a)’   III. The Blessings of Answering Christ’s Call. (38b-39)   Conclusion

March 2014

Judge with Right Judgment

Judge with Right Judgment John 7:10-24   Introduction I. The Backdrop: Who is Jesus Christ? II. The Controversy: Can We Trust Jesus Christ? A. Can we trust his teaching? B. Can we trust his works?   III. The Response: How Will You Respond to Jesus Christ?

Tick-Tock: Submitting to God’s Timing

Tick-Tock: Submitting to God’s Timing John 7:1-9 Introduction (1) I. The World’s Perspective: Live It Up Now. (2-5)      A. Find the Largest Crowd.      B. Demonstrate Your Talents.      C. Create the Biggest Following. II. Christ’s Perspective: Trust God’s Timing. (6-9)      A. A Believer Has Purpose in Life.   […]

February 2014

To Whom Shall We Go?

To Whom Shall We Go? John 6:41-71 I. The Grumbling Groupies. (41-51) II. The Confused Crowd. (52-59) III. The Disgusted Disciples. (60-66) IV. The Faithful Followers. (67-71)

From Moldy to Magnificent

      From Moldy to Magnificent John 6:22-40

From Fear to Faith

From Fear to Faith John 6:16-21 Introduction: I. The Causes for Fear. II. The Cure for Fear.

January 2014

Food for Thought

Food for Thought John 6:1-15 Introduction: I. Take Out Your #2 Pencils. (1-4) II. The Test. (5-9) III. The Answer Key. (10-13) IV. The Wrong Take-Away. (14-15)