July 2017

Tie Up Your Robe – I Peter 1:13-16

Introduction I. Set Your Hope The preparation for Our Hope The Object of Our Hope II. Be Holy Don’t be conformed to your formal ignorance Be conformed to your father   Conclusion

The Promise of Grace Fulfilled- I Peter 1:9-12

Introduction I. The Prophets Longed for It. It was a prophecy of grace They searched and made inquiry It was given through the Holy Spirit It was a prophecy of Suffering and glory II. We Have the Privilege to Live It. The prophecy is for us. The fulfillment comes through the gospel The Holy Spirit […]

Refined Through Trials

Introduction: I. Glancing At Our Trials. A. The Description of our Trials B. The Purpose for our Trials II. Gazing At Our Savior. A. Responding to Our Savior B.The Outcome of Our Trials and Our Savior.     Conclusion: 

Blessed Be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ- I Peter 1:3-5

Introduction I. Blessings to God II. Bless God for His Great Mercy III. Bless God for His New Birth for Us IV. Bless God for our Living Hope V. Bless God for Our Inheritance VI. Bless God for His Protection Conclusion

June 2017

I Peter Introduction

Introduction: I. Themes II. Names for Christ III. Purpose IV. The Text V. The Doctrine A. Election B. Trinity VI. The Peace it Provides  

August 2016

Be a Male Goat

Be a Male Goat Daniel 5 Part One- Inside the Text Introduction:  The Delusion The Defiance The Declaration Mene-Numbered Tekel-Weighed and Wanting Peres-Divided The Destruction Part Two- Applying the Text Genesis 11-12 Jeremiah 50-51 Revelation 17-18 Conclusion: 

The Last Will Be First

The Last Will Be First Matthew 19:16-20:16  Introduction : Context, Context, Context Hint: Who can enter- With man this is impossible. But with God all things are possible.  Marvel at the Master.  Desperate Dudes.  The Earlier Workers The Late Recruits Practical Principles from Payday.  Conclusion: 

May 2016

God’s Grace to Unworthy Men- The Book of Jonah

God’s Grace to Unworthy Men The Book of Jonah Introduction:        God’s Grace to Unworthy Men. (1-3)  God’s Declaration of Grace. God’s Display of Grace. Pagan Sailors Jonah God’s Dedication to Grace. Hinderances to Declaring God’s Grace. (4) Selfishness. An Ungodly Perspective. Forgetting God’s Grace. Conclusion:  Call out for God’s Grace. Remember Your […]

Such a Great Salvation

Such a Great Salvation Tom Allen

Turning from Grumbling to Grace

Turning from Grumbling to Grace Exodus 16 Introduction:  Getting a Grip On Our Grumbling.  Needing to Graze on Grace.  Preserving Generational Gratitude.  Conclusion: