June 2017

I Peter Introduction

Introduction: I. Themes II. Names for Christ III. Purpose IV. The Text V. The Doctrine A. Election B. Trinity VI. The Peace it Provides  

August 2016

Be a Male Goat

Be a Male Goat Daniel 5 Part One- Inside the Text Introduction:  The Delusion The Defiance The Declaration Mene-Numbered Tekel-Weighed and Wanting Peres-Divided The Destruction Part Two- Applying the Text Genesis 11-12 Jeremiah 50-51 Revelation 17-18 Conclusion: 

The Last Will Be First

The Last Will Be First Matthew 19:16-20:16  Introduction : Context, Context, Context Hint: Who can enter- With man this is impossible. But with God all things are possible.  Marvel at the Master.  Desperate Dudes.  The Earlier Workers The Late Recruits Practical Principles from Payday.  Conclusion: 

May 2016

God’s Grace to Unworthy Men- The Book of Jonah

God’s Grace to Unworthy Men The Book of Jonah Introduction:        God’s Grace to Unworthy Men. (1-3)  God’s Declaration of Grace. God’s Display of Grace. Pagan Sailors Jonah God’s Dedication to Grace. Hinderances to Declaring God’s Grace. (4) Selfishness. An Ungodly Perspective. Forgetting God’s Grace. Conclusion:  Call out for God’s Grace. Remember Your […]

Turning from Grumbling to Grace

Turning from Grumbling to Grace Exodus 16 Introduction:  Getting a Grip On Our Grumbling.  Needing to Graze on Grace.  Preserving Generational Gratitude.  Conclusion: 

April 2016

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Lord, Teach Us to Pray Luke 11:1-13 Introduction:  Jesus Had a Practice.  Jesus Had a Place.  Jesus Had a Plan.  Father. Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. Give us each day our daily bread. Forgive us our sins -for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us. Lead us not into temptation. Jesus […]

January 2016

The Point of the Prodigal

The Point of the Prodigal Luke 15:11-32 Introduction The Prodigal Son. The Fleeting Pleasures of Sin. The Repentance that Restores. The Gracious Father  His Mercy. His Grace. The Self-Righteous Son.  Is Resentful and Bitter Is Lacking Joy Is Legalistic Is Self-Justifying Is Unforgiving Is Missing the Point Conclusion:

Back to the Basics- The Bible

Back to the Basics: The Bible 2 Timothy 3 Introduction : Inside the Text: The Desperate Need for God’s Word. Because the World is Getting Worse. Because the Believer Must Remain Godly. Apply the Text: The Divine Importance of God’s Word.  Understanding God- General vs. Special Revelation. God’s Word is Important Because It Is God’s […]

August 2015

A Rooster Crowed

The Rooster Crowed. John 18:12-27 The Record of Failure The Reasons for Failure The Recovery from Failure

I Have Lost Not One

I Have Lost Not One John 18:1-14 The Setting The Soldiers The Seeking The Saving The Sword The Swapping