January 2014

Make the Call

  Make the Call John 5:31-47 Introduction: (31-32)   [cf. Deuteronomy 19:15]   John the Baptist Testified to Christ’s Deity. (33-35) Christ’s Works Testified to His Deity. (36) Wedding at Cana. (Ch. 2) Healing of Official’s Son. (Ch. 4) Healing the Paralytic. (Ch. 5) The Father Testified to Christ’s Deity. (37-38) His voice you have […]

December 2013

Believing is Seeing

Believing is Seeing John 4:43-54   Introduction I. Faith Needed. (43-48) A. From the Galileans. B. From the Nobleman. II. Faith Tested. (49-50a) A. Physical Healing B. Spiritual Healing III. Faith Demonstrated. (50b-54) A. Physical Healing B. Spiritual Healing

Lift Up Your Eyes

  Lift Up Your Eyes John 4:27-42 Introduction I. Believing in Jesus Produces a Changed Life. (27-30)      A. The Disciples Wondered.      B. The Woman Witnessed.           1. She left what she was doing.           2. She began to point others to Christ. II. […]

November 2013

Cool Water for a Thirsty Soul

Cool Water for a Thirsty Soul John 4:1-26 Introduction (1-6): I. Christ Desires to Quench Your Thirst. (7-15) A. You can never satisfy your thirsting on your own. B. Christ is the only way to have your thirst satisfied. II. How to Have Christ Quench Your Thirst. (16-26) A. Through Repentance. B. Through Belief in […]

Would You Make Up Your Mind?

  Would You Make Up Your Mind?  John 3:30-36     Introduction:  I. Christ Must Increase, But You Must Decrease. (30-35) A. Because of His Origin.(31) B. Because of His Testimony. (32-33) C. Because of His Authority. (34-35) II. There Are Only Two Responses to Christ. (36)  A. Those Who Believe. (36a) B. Those Who Do Not Believe. (36b)

Discontent to be Discontent

Discontent to be Discontent John 3:22-30 Introduction I. You Will Be Tempted With Discontentment. (22-26) A. Discontentment can come from ministry. B. Discontentment can come from jealousy. C. Discontentment can come from those closest to you. II. You Must Overcome Discontentment. (27-29) A. Overcome discontentment by getting your focus on God. 1. The ministry that […]

October 2013

The Miracle of Rebirth

The Miracle of Rebirth John 2:23-3:15 Introduction (2:23-3:2) I. Rebirth: Man’s Necessity. (3) II. Rebirth: Man’s Impossibility. (4-8) A. The Human Impossibility. B. The Spiritual Reality. -Ezekiel 36:25-27 –Application– the work of the Spirit produces change. III. Rebirth: Man’s Access to Eternity. (9-15) IV.Conclusion 

A Clean House

A Clean House John 2:12-25 Introduction: I. Jesus Christ Demands Pure Worship. (14-17) A. Historically (v. 14-17) B. Corporately (Eph. 2:21) C. Individually (I Cor. 3:16; I Cor. 6:19) II. Jesus Christ Deserves Pure Worship. (18-22) III. Jesus Christ Discerns Your Heart. (23-25)

A Display of Glory

A Display of Glory John 2:1-11 Introduction (1-3) A Mother’s Submission. (4-5) The Servants’ Obedience. (6-8) The World’s Amazement. (9-10) The Savior’s Glorification. (11a) The Disciples’ Belief. (11b)     Application: 1._________________________________ 2._________________________________ 3._________________________________

September 2013

What Are You Seeking?

What Are You Seeking? John 1:35-51 Because Jesus Has Changed Our Lives, We Must Make Followers of Him. Introduction (35-37)- I. What Are You Seeking? (38)   II. Jesus Desires to Fill Your Void. (39)   III. You Must Share Jesus with Others. (40-51)