September 2014

Understanding the Why’s of Life- Responding to Christ’s Workings

Understanding the Why’s of Life- Responding to Christ’s Workings John 11:45-12:11 Introduction: I. A Heart of Belief. (45) II. A Heart of Hatred. (46-57) III. A Heart of Worship. (12:1-11) Conclusion

August 2014

Final Instructions

Final Instructions 2 Timothy 4 Introduction:   The Command- Preach the Word.   The Seriousness of the Command. The Specifics of the Command. The Necessity of the Command. The Rewards from the Command.   The Realities of Ministry.   Loneliness Desertions Restorations Brokenness Oppositions   The Need for Strength.   Encouragement from God’s Word. Encouragement […]

June 2014

God’s Calling for Fathers

God’s Calling for Fathers Ephesians 6:4 Introduction: I. Do Not: Provoke to Anger. II. Do: Bring Them Up in the Lord. Discipline Instruction Conclusion:

Finally Free

Finally Free John 8:31-36 Introduction: I. The Route to Redemption. (31-32) II. The Sorrow of Slavery. (33-34) A. The Denial of Bondage. B. The Truth of Bondage. III. The Salvation from the Son. (35-36) A. The Son Must Set You Free. B. You Will Be Free Indeed. Conclusion:  

April 2014

Christ: The Dividing Line

Christ: The Dividing Line John 7:40-52 Introduction: I. The Divided People. (40-43) The Faithful Few. Jesus is the promised Prophet. (See Deuteronomy 18:15ff) Jesus is the promised Messiah. The Confused Crowd. Jesus is from Galilee. The Messiah is supposed to be from David. The Messiah is supposed to be from Bethlehem.   NOTE: You cannot […]

But Believe

But Believe John 20:24-29 Introduction: (19-23) I. A Hurting Heart. (24-25) A. From Disappointment B. From Disbelief II. A Healing Savior. (26-27) III. A Committed Faith. (28) A. My Lord B. My God IV. A Future Blessing. (29) Conclusion: 


Thirsty? John 7:37-39 Introduction: (37a) I. The Call From Christ. (37b) A. Recognize Your Need. B. Recognize Your Solution.   II. How to Answer Christ’s Call. (38a)’   III. The Blessings of Answering Christ’s Call. (38b-39)   Conclusion

Do You Know Jesus?

Do You Know Jesus? John 7:25-36 Introduction I. The Crowd’s Confusion: (25-27) A. The Authority of Jesus Christ. (25-26) B. The Identity of Jesus Christ. (27)   II. The Savior’s Correction: (28-29)   III. The Individual’s Decision: (30-36) A. Belief in Jesus Christ. (30-31) B. Denial of Jesus Christ. (32-36)   Conclusion:

Making Biblical Media Choices Part 3

March 2014

Judge with Right Judgment

Judge with Right Judgment John 7:10-24   Introduction I. The Backdrop: Who is Jesus Christ? II. The Controversy: Can We Trust Jesus Christ? A. Can we trust his teaching? B. Can we trust his works?   III. The Response: How Will You Respond to Jesus Christ?