Prayer: For Worship, For Life

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Prayer: For Worship, For Life

I Timothy 2:1-4 / Matthew 6:5-15

I. How to Pray in Worship (I Timothy 2:1a)

A. Supplications C. Intercessions

B. Prayers D. Thanksgivings

II. Who to Pray for in Worship (1b-2a)

A. All People

B. Those in Authority

III. The Purpose for Prayer in Worship (2b-4)

A. To Have Quiet Life Outwardly and Inwardly.

B. To Please God.

C. To Further the Gospel.

IV. Prayer in Life: Practically Speaking (Matthew 6)

A. Do not pray to be seen by others. (5-6)

B. Do not pray to be heard by others. (7-8)

C. Pray like this… (9-15)

1. Your prayers must be worshipful. (9-10)

2. Your prayers must be dependent. (11-15)