Preaching and Practice

Preaching and Practice

I Timothy 4:13-16


I. You Need Preaching. (13-14)

A. Preaching focuses on the Word. (13)

1. Read the Word

2. Apply the Word

3. Explain the Word

B. Preaching is a gift. (14)

1. The gift must be used.

2. The gift is given by God.

3. The gift is recognized by the church.


II. You Need Godly Examples. (15-16)

A. Godliness takes work. (15)

1. Godliness requires practice.

2. Godliness requires complete devotion.

3. Godliness is recognizable.

B. Godliness requires diligence. (16a)

1. Watch yourself.

2. Watch the teaching.

C. Godliness produces blessings. (16b)

1. Godliness produces perseverance.

2. Godliness produces opportunity.