The Message Behind the Manger

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The Message Behind the Manger

Luke 2:1-20

I. The Savior is Born. (1-7)

A. The Timely Census (1-2)
B. The Obedient Journey (3-5) C. The Unlikely Entrance (6-7)

II. The Gospel Turns Great Fear into Great Joy.

A. The Gospel Comes to the Humble. (8) B. The Gospel is from the Lord. (9a, 15)
C. The Gospel Turns Fear into Joy. (9b-10a) D. The Gospel is Available to All. (10b)

E. The Gospel is Christ’s Birth. (11-12)
F. The Gospel Requires Praise to God. (13-14) G. The Gospel Produces a Changed Life. (15-20)