Worshipful Giving

Worshipful Giving

I. The Principles of Giving. (6-7)

A. You reap what you sow. (6)
B.You must decide from your heart what to give. (7)

II.The Blessings from Giving. (8-11)

A. You will have God’s overflowing grace. (8a) B.You will be equipped for every good work. (8b) C.You will have a harvest of righteousness. (9-10) D.You will be enriched to give. (11a)

! -This results in thanksgiving to God.

III.The Purposes for Giving. (12-14)

A. Your giving supplies the needs of the saints. (12a) B. Your giving produces worship to God. (12b-14)

IV.The Motivation behind Giving. (15)